4 thoughts on “Ready to Improve Your Health? Start Juicing

  1. Love this!

    One of my fav “treats” so far has been: 2-3 carrots, head of celery, a nice sized orange and two apples. This is typically enough juice for two- three bottles 🙂

    P.S- regular celery juice is :/. I drink it for health reasons but I have to drink it with a straw. My body doesn’t like the strong scent of celery and drinking with a straw helps with that.

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    1. Love you!! Apples seem to really sweeten anything and make any flavor perfect. For my celery juice, I like to juice 3 parts ginger, 2 parts lemon, 1 part celery. Aka limited celery. LOL


  2. Juicing gives me LIFE!!!

    My favorite combo is Beets, Lemon ginger and pear.

    So proud of you keep sharing all this healthy goodness!!!


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