My Simple, Affordable, and Natural Skincare Routine

I love nice, clear, and clean skin and my forever goal is to age gracefully, dewy and glowing! I’m sharing my natural skincare routine because it’s simple, affordable, and effective. And who doesn’t love dewy, bright, natural skin?! A few disclaimers I think are worth mentioning:

  • I have sensitive skin. 
  • I steer clear of a lot of makeup or skin products that may damage my skin – and, out of fear of irritation.
  • I used to get mild cases of acne and sometimes, eczema breakouts.

So, for you ladies + gents out there that fall into the same group, replicating a similar skincare routine may be beneficial for you. Everyone has different skin types, which means you should find a routine that works uniquely for you.    

**I am not a licensed aesthetician**

My simple, affordable, and natural skincare routine:


I cleanse with Cetaphil Gentle Skin CleanserThis is a classic and the perfect skin cleanser for all skin types! It cleanses my face well without irritating my eyes. It’s even great for taming my random acne breakouts I get from time-to-time.

I use an Aloe Vera mask. When the plant leaf isn’t available, I opt for Kate Blanc Cosmetic’s Aloe Vera Gel Something that has worked amazingly well for me is creating a quick, one-minute mask with an aloe plant leaf, right after cleansing. Daily use of aloe gel fights acne, hydrates, removes dark spots, and even tames oily skin. 

I hydrate and moisturize. My favorite facial moisturizer is Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. I LOVE this moisturizer, and it’s wonderful during the cooler months. It’s plump yet light, moisturizing but not greasy, and just… amazing.

I drink a TON of water. Water is the best moisturizer and replenishes your largest organ, your skin. 


I exfoliate with a Himalayan salt scrub. This is super easy to make at home. It gently removes dead skin, brightens, and moisturizes your skin, thanks to vitamin E. It even can help calm irritated skin.

Mix the Himalayan pink salt with four drops of vitamin E and a little water. Gently scrub your skin, rinse, and follow the daily routine above. 

You can find my favorite vitamin E oil and Himalayan salt on Amazon.

Boom. That’s it! I follow up with a nice brow tint, mascara when I’m headed out. Simple, yet effective!

If you try this simple skincare routine, let me know in the comments below, and tag me on IG: leah.rozay. #TheRozayWay ❤  

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