7 Lifestyle Essentials you need to feel your best This Summer

This year has definitely been a frightful, yet fruitful one for the books! Typically, by this time I’m traveling somewhere magical. But with quarantine orders, social distancing, and group activities of 10 (really like, five) people or less, I’ve been home exploring new hobbies to stay occupied. As the summer quickly approaches, I’ve incorprated these key essentials to practice self-love, a healthy lifestyle, and to keep my athleisure wardrobe intact. Check out my seven top essentials you need to add to your (wellness) bag this summer! 

Love thyself. 


First, let me reiterate – take care of your mental health, more now than ever. My relief happens to be writing. The Writer’s Creative Workbook: Finding Your Voice, Embracing the Page written by Joy Kenward serves as an inspirational think tank, journal, workbook, and so much more. It’s been vital in sparking my imagination and exploring my gift. For the creatives + content gurus + people that want to discover endless possibilities of their unique writing style, this book is for you. We all need ways to protect our mental and emotional well-being, especially while navigating these uncertain times.

Love thy health. 


Olly: The Perfect Women’s Multi made me a believer of multivitamins again. I used to take multis pretty often, but I grew tired of forcing myself to swallow a pill the size of what seemed like a baby elephant. This multi gummy has all the nourishment you need to fill in gaps when you lack vitamins from food, and to fuel your day. I’m talking vitamins A, C, D, E, B, biotin, folate, and then some! The fruity, candy-like flavor is an added bonus for kids at heart, like me.


The Nike Resistance Loop got my LIFE together, okay?! While I was recovering from last year’s severe ankle sprain, my physical therapist recommended I use a resistance band to rebuild my overall strength. It helps me build muscle and spruce up workouts like HIIT training, online aerobics classes, and leg days. Resistance bands of all levels can help build muscle depending on your goals. Here are a few resistance bands that are also really effective.   


My Apple Watch is like my personal trainer. I bought it last year to track my calories, and it holds me accountable for so much more. I love the daily goal tracking and challenging my friends in Activity competitions. Over the past year, I’ve tracked 350 workouts, burned 85,859 calories, and averaged a distance of 17 miles during my bike rides! I know these stats thanks to my Apple Watch. It’s also swim-proof and very stylish!

Love thy wardrobe. 


Who would of ever thought life could be made easier by the simplistic Apple AirPods. They’re cordless and they conveniently help me zone out to books, music, calls, and more. From listening to new podcasts, squatting a little deeper to my fav trap playlist, and tuning in to my everyday WebEx calls for work, these babies are worth the investment.


My Nike Air VaporMax 3’s in Digital Pink really know how to make a neon statement! They’re breathable and literally feel like socks when wearing them. They’re perfect for sprucing up boring leggings or styled with an oversized tee for a sweet and sporty look. Do I really love these shoes? Absolutely. I’ve bought them in every color. I simply obsess. 


Get out, smell the roses, and watch the sunset while rockin’ the Clubmaster Ray Bans. I love the Clubmasters because of their quality, ability to block out the sun, and simplistic style. But let’s be honest, Ray Bans are classic, and who doesn’t love a classic pair of shades? Make sure to get them polarized!   

Now that I’m done gushing over everything I’m online binge buying let me know – what has you in absolute love this year? What’s your go-to style for this summer? Drop your comments below! 

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