Ready to Improve Your Health? Start Juicing

Fresh pressed juiced

Juicing has always been a staple in my life, thanks to my Dad. When I was younger, he’d spend hours in the kitchen putting his creativity to use, juicing all types of fruits and veggies. Even today, I regularly use fresh juice as a “multivitamin”. There are so many amazing benefits that come from juicing, […]

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Be the Bake Boss at Your Next Holiday Party with Rozay’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Featured Chocolate Chip Cookie Photo by John Dancy on Unsplash During the holidays I like to do a few things: eat, drink, and be really merry. I can typically be found dressing up to go to somebody’s red and green rendezvous, pressing my hair because there’s minimal humidity outside (Praise to The Most High), and watching Home Alone […]

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